A vendor that sells magnolia near MRT Zhongshan Station

The old lady in the morning market of Zhonghe

The vendor in the morning market near my home

The U-Bike lover near the back gate of NTU

The vagrant in Ximen

The little girl playing rocking horse and her dad in Tamsui

The employee of stir-fries restaurant lifting cases of beers in Yonghe

The cabin crew of China Airlines in Songshan Airport

The flight attendants of Eva Air in Taoyuan Airport

The old lady who sells the bubble toys in C.K.S. Memorial Hall

The senior high school girl playing the flag in C.K.S. Memorial Hall

The girl praying to God in Longshan Temple

The vagrant near Lungshan Temple

The hooker in Wanhua

畢業證書 1001

A middle-aged man playing a gaming machine in Wanhua

A coach who teaches kids how to ride a bike near MRT Yuanshan Station

A Monk Begging Alms Near NTNU

A student who protested in front of Ministry of Education

A Foreign Nursing Worker And An Old Lady In Wheelchair In Taipei Main Station

The Street Cleaner In Tamsui

The vagrant near MRT Shuanglian Station